A Superhero’s Guide to
Office 365 Backup & Recovery

How to Eliminate the Top 3 Villains in the Data World and Become a Data Recovery Superhero at Speeds of up to 30x Faster than Anyone Else

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Do You Think Your Office 365 Data is Protected? It’s Not – And You’re Not Alone.

Many organizations think their Office 365 data is backed up because they moved to the cloud. It’s a common misconception.

While Microsoft takes care of the infrastructure, the data remains your responsibility.

Follow the journey of three Office 365 backup superheroes as they combat the top use cases affecting organizations when backing up Office 365 data:

  • Sergeant Sam – he streamlines and simplifies IT while protecting the most vulnerable
  • Tessa Trust – gritty and honest about cloud data management, she tells it like it is without any marketing hype
  • Commander Cloud – data protection is his game, but he’s got an axe to grind with the Big Guys

Discover the value ThinkOn Backup for Office 365, powered by Veeam®, can deliver — from up to 30x faster (than a speeding bullet) data transfer speeds, to an intuitive web portal to closely monitor and manage backups, to 25 unique ways to restore all Office 365 business data.

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Top 3 Use Cases for Office 365 Backup


Mobile Mayhem

Remote workers are creating and accessing sensitive files and valuable information. Is this critical business data truly protected? Find out more.


False Security

Backing up your data is false insurance. For true resiliency, you need true redundancy. Learn how.


On-Premises Backup

Legacy backups can’t keep up with the pace of data creation, which leads to the problem of data sprawl. Discover why your old on-premises data solutions won’t work anymore.

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